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A Spook-tacular Evening in Prague: Quick Review of the Ghost and Legends Old Town Tour


If you’re looking for a spine-tingling evening out while in Prague, look no further than the Ghost and Legends of the Old Town tour. Our group was led through the twisting streets by a knowledgeable and personable guide, who regaled us with hair-raising tales of ghosts and ghouls that are said to haunt this ancient city. If you’re looking for an unforgettable evening of entertainment, make sure to check out this tour!

Our guide started the evening by leading us to one of Prague’s most famous landmarks, the Astronomical Clock. He told us the legends surrounding this iconic clock, as well as some of the history behind it. We then made our way through the old town, stopping at various spots to hear more tales of ghosts and legends.

One of the stories he told us about was the legend of the elves in the Burgrave’s House . According to legend, the house is home to a mischievous group of elves who like to play tricks on the Burgrave and his family. Our guide told us that if you listen carefully, you can sometimes hear the sound of their laughter coming from the house!

I have to say, our guide really brought these stories to life! By the end of the tour, I felt like I had a much better understanding of Prague’s rich history – and its spooky side too!